A wise man once said that, "You may as well be yourself because being someone else
requires too much makeup." Being yourself isn't as easy as you may think. First, you have
to figure out who you are. And who you are is defined in many ways. Your family gives you
one definition. The society in which you lived in this current time also gives you a definition.
Really important are the choices you make because your experiences affect who you are.
Once, when I was beginning a new school, I walked into the cafeteria of that school where
I would be studying, people were all over, and no one knew or cared who I was. 10 No one,
except for the kid who threw his mashed potatoes at me, even saw me. After I retaliated
by slipping a slice of pizza into his backpack, I sat down to think. 12 Who would I be in my new
school - a nerd, a jock, an activist? 131 decided to devote all my energy to student govern-
ment and nominated myself for office the very next day, 14 gave free pizza to everyone who
promised voting for me. ISSociety gave me a chance to prove myself by giving me a new
, even though I had burned down the old one. Is My choices have led me to my true self.
12 Today I can proudly say that I am a successful politician and the owner of 2,592 pizzerias.
In the context of this essay, which sentence, if any, would be a good addition to the first paragraph?
Pick ONE option​

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