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21. What ingredient is substituted by 1½ cup sugar and ¼ cup liquid? 22. A pack of dairy cream butter weighs 16 fluid ounce in the market. What is its equivalent in cups? 23. To make cookies, you need 1 cup of melted butter, it can be measure by how many table spoon? 24. What dry ingredients need to pack compactly? 25. Why is work triangle important in kitchen lay out? 26. Among the primary kitchen stations, which is the home for the sink, waste disposal and dishwasher? 27. Draw the symbol for refrigerator 28. Draw the symbol for sink 29. Draw the symbol for stove 30. Draw the symbol for washer 31. What kitchen layout is ideal for apartments or smaller homes as it offers open and airy feels? 32. What kitchen layout offers a great deal of space and has a plenty of counter and cabinet space? 33. Describe the island option kitchen lay out. 34. If one pack of macaroons is sold for 100 and its purchase cost was 79.50. How much was its peso mark up? 35. Compute the peso mark up Buying Price Selling Price 30.00 22.50 40.00 52.50 35.00 35.00 50.00 60.00 Peso Mark up​

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